Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christopher Moonlight's 2009 San Diego Comic Con Wrap Up!


I finished up The San Diego Comic Con on Saturday and defiantly ended on a higher note than I have in a long time, at the convention. This first photo is certainly one of my favorites. From left to right it's Dave Gibbons, Sally Hurst, and John Higgins. Dave Gibbons (of Watchmen fame, of course) and I talked about teaching art on a walk we took together while he was on his way out from his Master Sessions: Heroic Figure Drawing panel. I was particularly taken by Mr. Gibbons enthusiasm for teaching, and his complete willingness (and joy) to talk about the subject in farther detail, after the panel was done. I should also note that no aspiring artist was disappointed at how forthcoming with helpful information he was during the panel. No question was treated as a dumb one, and every question was given a more than satisfactory answer.

Later on that day, I also got to hang out with Watchmen colorist, John Higgins and his lovely wife (at least I assumed she was his wife, maybe I better check on that) Sally Hurst, for some very stimulating conversation about color, printing, and yes again, teaching. John's colors are as much a part of The Watchmen as the writing and the art, and I'd dare say that the book wouldn't have been as good without him. I’ll also highly recommend his book from Com.X called RazorJack. I think I'll look into becoming a colorist, now.
Readers and You Tube followers can also look forward to interviewes with AtomikA’s Sal Abbinanti (who also heads up Bongo comic’s Bill Morrison, David Mack, and Camilla Derrico.

Visiting friends is always nice, and I was very pleased to be able to stop and say hi to my pal Heidi MacDonald (of Publisher's Weekly's The Beat) after her time on Thursday's "Indie Comics Marketing 101" panel with Chip Mosher and Sam Humphries. Heidi would be shocked to hear me mention that I've known her for 15 years, when she worked for Disney Adventure magazine. I've still got your card from then Heidi.

I also saw my friends Batton Lash, Jackie Estrada, Billy Martinez, and Alex Chiu. Billy, who was jaming on the live art, at his booth, is also in issue #4 or Moonlight Art Magazine.

Dan Brereton, Tara Mcpherson, and Ben Templesmith all agreed to be in future issues of Moonlight Art Magazine, and Andy Runton signed a copy of Owly: A Time To Be Brave to my three year old daughter. She loves it.

Outside of comic con, I’m working on an interview with J.H. Williams III for our next issue. Yes my friends, life and Comic Con are great.

I'll leave you with some fun photos I took on the convention floor and this thought. Many said they didn't have a good time at this convention. Otheres said they had a blast. I know I did. I guess it's just in what each person makes of the San Diego Comic Con. Each person finds what they're looking for there, because there really is something for everybody. If you didn't like what you found, maybe you weren't looking for the right thing in the first place. I'm just loooking forward to next year.

Deposit Man: Play God by ~christophermoonlight on deviantART

Oh, and I almost forgot. I also got some copies of the new issue of Deposit Man: Play God, by Cary Coatney, with a cover by Me!

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