Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Submissions: WHAT NOT TO DO.

Here at Moonlight Art Magazine we get a lot of people asking how they can get their art into our publication. Some artists knock our socks off, while some plain suck. Some aren't ready to be considered yet, but most show some potential to do great things in their future. We try to advise and encourage all artists, and want them to do well. When submitting or showing your work to ANYBODY you should always be aware that these people are taking the time out of their day to give you the benefit of their knowledge. Whether or not you agree with what they have to say is beside the point. There are ways an artist being reviewed should handle constructive criticism, and rejection, and there are ways they should not. For those looking to become professional artists, I give you an example of one of the ways you should not. Nothing has been altered from this My Space correspondence, save the omission of their name.

so how do i go about getting my work in your mag? do i send the pic to this e mail or do you have another? love your mag by the way!

Not how I would open an letter of inquiry, but okay. It was a busy day, but I could use a break from work, and take a minute to look at their My Space pics. There were a few Johnny Depp fan art paintings, a Betty Page piece, paintings on kid's room walls, some figures, puppies, and babies done with that family snapshot feel. Nothing at all like what our My Space page shows. What struck me most about the work was that this artist had a grasp of line, form, and values, but not (yet) the confident understanding that is needed for "professional" quality works of art. This is not a crime. I remember being that artist, myself. So I wrote back...

Hi ... I think first and foremost you should read our magazine. All of our artists have a vision which they've mixed with outstanding technical abilities, to push the envelope of art. Don't get me wrong. You are a very good artist, but I don't think you've broken that glass ceiling yet, that all artists need to smash though, to truly make their work stand out above the rest. That does not mean we don't want to see your work. I want to be there when you do stand out, and that could be next week. You just never know about these things. Keep posting work in our comments, and drop us a line from time to time.Have you subscribed to our blog/ checked out
www. moonlightandmermaids. blogspot. com ? Let me make a suggestion or two, as well. Unless you want to really pursue painting kids rooms, and doctor's offices (a valid profession, I've done it myself) for the rest of your life, start working from your own photographs. Set up your own subjects, light them, shoot them, and paint from those. There is very little fan art in galleries, or art mags. Also, find those artists whose work you really love, and make a stack of their books, to read, by your bedside, before you go to sleep at night. Really study what they do, and think about why you love them. I hope that helps.

...and back to work, I had to go. I got an almost immediate response:

u must not be an artist yourself, it doesn't work that way but thanks for the advise.kids rooms haha must not have looked at all my work b4 you wrote this e mail.have a good day.

Okay, that stuck me as a little snippy, with a pinch of victim. I'll spell that out a little more clear. If you have to work that hard to see the absolute worst in everything people say to you, you're playing the victim. It doesn't work what way? Granted, I was just shooting from the hip here, based on my own experiences as an artist. I'm the kind of guy who works on three things at once, so my response was just as simple:

In fact I am an artist, (make my living at it) and I did look at your work, unless those Johnny Depp pieces weren't yours. I'm just offering you some insight. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Now, having said that, I'm thinking I'm still going to be nice and encourage an aspiring young artist, but some people are always trying to ice skate up hill.

your very professional, i have to say.. so your saying i should pant Edward on children's walls along with Betty page? maybe i should go paint Edward in a obgyn?and to collect of bunch of books from other artist, so i can mimic there work? ha, no thanks im doing just fine with my own ideas. and to say Edward isn't mine is just crossing the line. maybe you should take some classes on anthropology and learn a lil.i wouldn't want to associate with a magazine that belittles artiest.

I'm still trying to figure out where I said that, or where the act of belittling took place. To assume that in studying artist you love, can only lead to mimicking their work is just silly. Anthropology? I just don't know. I use to do paintings on kid's rooms walls, and guess what I was painting for most of them? That's right! Fan art. Yoda, Jack Skellington, and even a pirate or two. I was even asked by a teen student of mine, not to long ago, if I would paint them a Twilight vampire. I had to say no, but that's what they ask for. The point is, a person can take or leave professional criticism, and some of it will be mean. I was just blunt, which is all I have time for. I believe that's been Simon Cowell's whole point on American Idol. It's a tough old world out there, and you've got to take your lumps to get ahead. Or, you ask any Drill Sargent and see how nice they are about it. Now, with all that said and done, who do you think loses? Not me. I get to work with the best. Right again! The aspiring artist loses, and they don't even know why. The funny thing is, this could have all been avoided had she read our submissions guidlines, on our front page. They are as fallowes...

#1 Please send us links that go directly to your artwork. E mails with attachments will be trashed, unless you've made prior arrangments with us.

#2 Tell us a little about yourself. You must be taking an active part in the world of art for us to publish you, so if you're showing in galleries, or being published somewhere, tell us about it. We don't have time to go though your entire website looking for your bio. We're not trying to be cranky here. That's just the way it is.

#3 Rude and pushy artists will be blocked. You can send us as many e mails as you want. We love to stay updated on what you're doing, but we aren't going to keep checking back to your website for updates, no matter how great an artist you are, and we can't show up to everyone's shows, every day of the week. It's okay to think your great, but it's not okay to think your so great that we'll jump at your command. Also, if we try (or any other pro artist for that matter) to give you tips on how you might improve your work, that means we do like your art, and want to see you do well. Don't get touchy about it. Touchy closes doors. You'll do well to keep that in mind.

#4 Be patient. I know this is very much like #3 but, we work on about 3 issues at a time. If we like you, or even if we've agreed to put you in one of our issues, give us the time we need to do things up right.

#5 Read the magazine! We're getting a lot of submissions that have nothing to do with what we do. It's only a waste of your own time and ours.

#6 Do not send us original artwork. I don't know how you'd get our address, but whatever it is, we ain't sending it back.

#7 We don't do reviews. Why? Because we're all about being a positive force in the world of art. Let some other art snobs judge your work. Then tell them where they can stick it.

#8 Now we're just checking to see if you read all of the other guidelines through, but really... just use your common sense. Do good art and believe in what you do, and the world will love you.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Event: Night Gallery: "Studio Art Party" @ Black Cat Gallery

Event: NIGHT GALLERY: "STUDIO ART PARTY" at Black Cat Gallery

Saturday November 15, 2008 7pm-12 Midnight Free Admission


and in the Sub-Gallery: CHRISTOPHER MOONLIGHT

Triad B-Day Bash for Timothy Williams, James Mathers, Eric Dhyrsen

Gothic/Acoustic Music by MICHAEL BERG myspace.com/musicminustwelve & PETER SEAN MALONEY myspace.com/peterseanmaloney


Eccentric Dress Encouraged!

Timothy WilliamsARTIST 310 * 488 * 9166 http://www.myspace.com/timothywilliamsart BLACK CAT GALLERY DIRECTOR 310 * 313 * 4931 gubkitty@yahoo.com http://www.blackcatart.com http://www.myspace.com/theblackcatgallery11523 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City CA 90066

Flier by Christopher Moonlight & Moonlight Art Magazine

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Photos from the Joshua Petker "Black Sugar" show.

Last Saturday was the Joshua Petker "Black Sugar" art opening at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. Beautiful new paintings (by Petker) adorned the walls, spilling vivid colors into the senses of all who came, and not even the temporary smell of natural gas in the air could keep art lovers from entering the building. CHG provided a wonderfully comfortable and friendly environment, for patrons to enjoy these new works, and for the works to enjoy the patrons. Indeed, either Petkers models had all shown up for the event, or the paintings themselves came to life to mingle, as I could almost swear that some of the women walking the floors of the event, were the same that hung in frames on the walls. Non were caught on film, as is always the case in unexplained events.

The man, Joshua Petker.

Bruce Helford of Corey Helford Gallery tells why he shows Petker's work

The Show.

Moonlight Art Magazine writer and copy editor (and wife of Christopher Moonlight) Faith Cooksey, with her daughter Katelyn.

Petker with a fan, who was thrilled to meet him.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Drawing of the Three: Aunia Kahn

We've put together three questions to ask artist and people who are involved it the arts (and who are future interviewees of Moonlight Art Magazine) to DRAW you a picture of what kind of people they are. This segment we asked digital and mixed media artist Aunia Kahn.

What art books do you take to bed with you?
Coloring books. No really I do, they are silly and fun.

Tell us your favorite joke.
Really I can't remember jokes even if you told me 5 min ago, and if I tried to retell the joke,
the delivery would be terrible. I am truly a bad joke teller, but tell me as many as you want.
I love hearing them.

What character in a movie made you think, "I should have played that role!"
I should have played Julia Robert's in "Sleeping with the Enemy".


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Event: Group Art Show @ Wine Styles in Thousand Oaks!

Wine Styles August 2008 Art Show

With Artist
Christopher Moonlight
Michael Thompson
Romeo Valentino
Award Winning Gourd Artist Gail Sammons

Here are some photos from the last show.

Wine Styles Owners, Pia and Levet with Christopher Moonlight.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moonlight Art Magazine Launch Party, Photos!

Here are some photos from our fantastic launch party for Moonlight Art Magazine. We want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make this possible, including Carpe Arte Gallery, and Artist Glenda Rolle.

In this photo, from left to right... Glenda Rolle, Christopher Moonlight, Fotojedi, and her man Jerry. Hey Glenda! Who's that kid?
And a quick video...

There's that kid again!

A new Christopher Moonlight painting hangs at Carpe Arte Gallery.
Inside Carpe Arte.
Stacy Went, stands with her art at Carpe Arte Gallery during the Moonlight Art Magazine Launch party.
Sarah Wolfe, stands with her art at Carpe Arte Gallery during the Moonlight Art Magazine Launch party. 08/09/08
DJ Gary Justice, Producer of Conscious Vibes  Bionic Beats at the Moonlight Art Magazine Launch Party @ Carpe Arte Gallery. 08/09/08

DJ Gary Justice, Producer of: Conscious Vibes & Bionic Beats at the Moonlight Art Magazine Launch Party @ Carpe Arte Gallery. 08/09/08
Romeo Valentino of Carpe Arte Gallery at the Moonlight Art Magazine launch party. 08/09/08
Romeo Valentino of Carpe Arte Gallery at the Moonlight Art Magazine launch party. 08/09/08

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moonlight Art Magazine Launch Party: This Saturday

This Weekend! Join us for our launch of Moonlight Art Magazine, at Carpe Arte Gallery in North Hollywood, this weekend starting at 6PM. We'll have copies of our just released first issue, as well as T-shirts, prizes, and the ever popular closet bar. Plus, CAG will have art from today's rising stars, set to the sounds of a live DJ, spinning the mood for this unforgettable event.
Moonlight Art Magazine
Carpe Arte Gallery
4914 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 510-5736

Monday, July 28, 2008

Moonlight Launch Party

Join us for the launch of Moonlight Art Magazine, @ Carpe Arte Gallery in North Hollywood's own arts district. Drinks! Live DJ! Prizes! Artworks by Fotojedi, Appelusa, Glenda Rolle, Romeo Valentino, Christopher Moonlight, and more.

Moonlight Art Magazine

4914 Lankershim Blvd. Ste. 1
N. Hollywood, CA 91601
T: 818 510 5736
E: carpearte@deliciouspaint.com

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Natalia Pierandrei AKA Nati

Interview from 03/22/2007

There are so many artist on the web, doing so many different things, but when I find one who really stands out, I get excited and want people to know about them.
Natalia Pierandrei's profile reads as fallows.

...better known as 'nati', is a traditional illustrator based in Italy. Her artwork is basically anime-styled but also influenced by that of Art Nouveau, and European graphic novels with a penchant for gothic imagery and classical fantasy themes. She loves travelling, Japan, art museums, prose and cats.

Nati was kind enough to reach out across the oceans and around the world to talk to me about just what it is she's after as an artist. I was surprised to learn that (for someone of her talent) she doesn't seem to think she's all that special. I would disagree, but I'll let you be the judge.

Are your ultimate plans to become a comic book artist?
Well, unfortunately my reply is "no, I'm not ultimated them". Many reasons for feeling doubtful about my future as comic book artist. Basically the lack of time. Working on one piece takes less time than working on illustrated fiction, even the short ones. I can complete one, full coloured image in just a day, but a whole story is another pair of shoes!
As you know, I have a full time job (which unfortunately has nothing to do with art or comics). At the moment, I can draw only in my spare time and during the weekends. So, I prefer devoting myself to illustration than to sequential work. That's a pity, especially because the great enthusiasm for comic books caused my passion for drawing when I was a young girl.
Then, I suck at writing decent stories! I mean, I tend to write too complicated plots and that doesn't help when you should need extra time just to draw a couple of pages.

Are you writing your own comic, or do you want to work with a good writer, to help get your ideas out?
When I was a high school student, I drew a lot of comics with a friend of mine. There were basically short comic strips, or parodies of popular TV series. But I also started working on my own fiction and characters. As I wrote, the main problem is I tend to be too prolix and unfocused when planning the events in my stories. This is also a fact that I've not attending any Schools of Comic Art in my life. I have ideas but I lack the basis for writing and drawing good plots. So, I would prefer working with a good writer having the gift for conciseness than trying to publish my incomprehensible projects!

Why is it that even though you are published in four books, taking commissions all the time, and have a sizable fan following, you still do not consider yourself a professional?
LOL! Thank you very much for this question! Well, when I speak of "professional" artists, I refer to people who have a paid occupation as illustrator or cartoonist. Art is their job and they don't need to do something different to "make both ends meet". I'm not a person qualified or employed in one of the "art professions". Some of my illustrations have been featured in collective art books in the past but I should say those weren't payed works. Of course, I gained popularity and exposure but I still need to have a regular job to pay instalments and bills. That said, I'm not a "professional" illustrator because art is not my job. And I also doubt at the moment my artwork has the qualities of professional ones. But things could change in the future, of course!

Where will you pop up next?
No idea. I'm very impulsive, I don't like planning my future.

Where do you want to be, one year from now?
Hhmm, I'd like to be "physically" in a lot of different places in the world but I figure I'll be in Italy yet. Professionally speaking, I have no ideas. I'd like to prepare a good portfolio and try to get in touch with art directors and publishers. But, being a perfectionist and shy artist doesn't help. I mean, it probably will take more than a year to have this portfolio of mine done and "sent"or show to the right persons! LOL
Anyway, I need to focus more on my artwork and this is my goal for the 2007. And then...illustrate a fairytale, complete a short sequential work, improve as illustrator, etc, etc, etc.

Keep an eye on this one folks. I have a feeling that she's going to be a star.

Artist Spotlight: Billy Martinez of Neko Press

Interview from 03/29/07

My wife and I recently met Billy Martinez, owner and publisher of Neko Press on our trip to Wizard World LA. His display at the Golden Apple booth was small, but I was very impressed by how what he was there to present immediately grabbed the attention of myself and other passersby. I was delighted and inspired in seeing that he, and his wife, seemed to be doing well, selling comics and prints of Billy's work, along with the works of other talents, while the artist himself did some very impressive live painting. Upon talking with them, I learned that he was not only a fellow art teacher, but was doing well as a gallery artist, too. Well, as you can imagine, I immediately realized that I should at least somewhat follow this guy's example. I have to admit, that if I hadn't had seen him selling prints, I wouldn't be doing my print project, right now. After the show, I sent him an e mail with some questions, that are always on my mind (about art and the art world) and this is what he was kind enough to send back.

When a person gets into publishing, it's usually because they have a vision, or see a need in the print world that isn't being filled. What are you trying to provide to comics, that no one else is?
I think I'm really focusing on putting out books that readers will remember. I want to make sure they get the most out of our books. Our job is to entertain readers so I'm doing my best to make that promise to our readers.

Outside of comics, you show some really beautiful work in galleries. Are your patrons comic fans, or are you working in two separate worlds?
Two separate worlds. I run my art school in La Mesa. I always tell my students to be versatile. Life is always changing and an artist must change and adapt if he or she wants to make a career out of the biz.

Concept wise, where do you think art is thriving more... in the comics books or in galleries?
At this point it's hard to tell. Both are doing well but I would need more time to observe this.

What do you wish you could see more of? What would you ask growing artists to think about, when they are making art?
To have fun and to follow their own mark and not try to be a clone of other artists. Be original.

You paint mainly women. What are you trying to convey when you paint them?
The beauty and personality and strengths of a woman.

What are your next goals? Where do you see yourself one year from now?
Making comic books and doing more paintings. The same thing I have been doing for over 14 years.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Red wine is good for the heart. Drink lots of it!

Ah, a wine man, too! I'll drink to that.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Art Of Christopher Moonlight Opening Reception @ Wine Styles, Sat. May 3rd

For one night only I will be showing new paintings from my wood panel series at Wine Styles in Thousand Oaks. The reception is May 3rd and will go on from 5PM to 8PM during wine tasting. I will also be presenting new limited addition, hand touched, artist reproductions of past paintings from my Mermaid and Strange Icons series, as well as original works, all made very affordable and ready to take home and hang on your walls.
Wine Styles
193 N. Moorpark Rd. Suite C
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(805) 371-VINO (8466)

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