Sunday, October 5, 2008

Photos from the Joshua Petker "Black Sugar" show.

Last Saturday was the Joshua Petker "Black Sugar" art opening at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. Beautiful new paintings (by Petker) adorned the walls, spilling vivid colors into the senses of all who came, and not even the temporary smell of natural gas in the air could keep art lovers from entering the building. CHG provided a wonderfully comfortable and friendly environment, for patrons to enjoy these new works, and for the works to enjoy the patrons. Indeed, either Petkers models had all shown up for the event, or the paintings themselves came to life to mingle, as I could almost swear that some of the women walking the floors of the event, were the same that hung in frames on the walls. Non were caught on film, as is always the case in unexplained events.

The man, Joshua Petker.

Bruce Helford of Corey Helford Gallery tells why he shows Petker's work

The Show.

Moonlight Art Magazine writer and copy editor (and wife of Christopher Moonlight) Faith Cooksey, with her daughter Katelyn.

Petker with a fan, who was thrilled to meet him.

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